What about Donkey Welfare?

We are first and foremost animal and donkey lovers. This is why we live in the countryside and surround ourselves with animals. Some might say we prefer animals to people. 🙂
So animal welfare is of paramount importance to us. A Jenny or female donkey is pregnant for 11-14 months before giving birth. When the foal is born they spend the first 3 months feeding from their mother.
After three months, they naturally begin to wean off mothers milk onto grass and feed. This is the normal process both for humans and all animals. Only at this point do we begin to take any excess Donkey Milk from the Jenny and only when the foal has had its fill.
The more relaxed and contented the Jenny and foal are, the more milk the Jenny will produce. On the farms we source from, the Jenny is calmly milked with her foal alongside her. She instinctively knows if the foal has had enough milk first. So her milk will not even flow from her teats if she feels her foal needs more. Moms are clever!
Baby Donkey
We’ve also found that in the farms that produce our Donkey Milk, the donkeys are so relaxed and happy, they produce up to 3 litres of milk a day, twice the level of an average donkey.
As any animal lover will tell you, a happy animal is one that is relaxed, acting and eating well. Producing up to 3 litres of milk a day shows us we are doing something right. Now, we don’t take 3 litres a day, we don’t need that much but just the fact that the Jenny can produce that much is a sign she is healthy and happy.

Donkey Milk has been used for various ailments over thousands of years. Hippocrates, the Greek Physician and founding father of medicine, who lived 2,500 years ago, prescribed Donkey Milk for up to 35 ailments from Asthma to upset stomachs, Psoriasis, sensitive skin etc.

In probably the last 50 years we have become so used to taking medications and buying from stores that many of the old ‘tried and tested’ natural remedies have been forgotten but they are still out there and they still work.

Our goal is to create a virtuous circle. To provide a healthy, happy home for donkeys. Then to use some of their excess milk to build a business that helps people and puts a smile on their faces, whilst providing an income stream to keep that happy healthy home going!