Our Story


Quail have long been known for their health benefits. They are actually mentioned in the bible as a gift from God for sustenance.

In 2013, Tiina Laas purchased 12 Quail as pets. She found the eggs so tasty and healthy they cured her frozen shoulder syndrome. So she expanded the operation and supplies supermarkets and restaurants around the country.

Never one to rest on her laurels and always being creative, Tiina started making soap on the kitchen table as a hobby.

Fast forward to 2021 and we now supply stores in 7 countries in North America and Europe with our handcrafted soaps. Our soaps contain Donkey’s Milk, long known throughout history for it’s health benefits, both when consumed as a drink and also as a natural moisturiser and exfoliator when used on the skin.

It is said that Cleopatra herself kept 700 donkeys 2,000 years ago so she could take a daily bath in their milk!

You can buy our truly unique soaps from the online store on our website or from the 70 or so retailers we have so far!


TTiina is a native Estonian, about 10 years ago she came to Ireland to have some time off from intense career life. Positions she held in Estonia include being a Senior Specialist in Public Relations and Personnel Department in Port of Tallinn and Managing Director of a Dental Studio. After few years working in Dublin being responsible for logistics in Nightline Ltd., she decided to stay longer in Ireland and moved to Foxfield near Carrick-on-Shannon where she bought a house and worked till 2010 in MBNA (The Bank of America) as a UK Customer Service clerk for credit card related issues.

A combination of beautiful landscape, healthy lifestyle and the opportunity to self-sustain oneself were the motivation for her to try out farming. Currently she is responsible for hatching and raising quails, looking after the whole flock, packing eggs, confirming deliveries and contacting potential clients and possible partners, outsourcing and participating in events where 12 Quail Farm eggs are served or exhibited nationwide e.g. Taste of Fenagh (Fenagh Visitor Centre, 2013), Taste of Europe (EU House Dublin, 2014), Essence of Design Conference (The Dock, Carrick-on-Shannon, 2015).


Tiina’s daughter Liisa spent few months around 2000 in Gorey and a year in Tullamore working random jobs to save up for school in Estonia. She has also spent a year in USA to complete internship for business degree and worked in all Nordic countries while she was employed by Swedish company SCA as a e-Business Manager. She has also held the position of an Expansion Manager for a social network company and Project Manager and Information Security Expert for Estonian government during her Cyber Security Master studies.

She moved to Ireland to live and work with her mom in 2014. Currently she is building and maintaining websites and is responsible for 12 Quail Farm’s finances, logistics, marketing, online activities, the client list and farm’s facilities.


Cianán is our Irish-Wexford-Meath-exMarine sales man. You can hear him talk about us (here 🙂).


Ingrid is also Tiina’s daughter. She has composed most of 12 Quail Farm’s recipes but isn’t actively involved with farm’s daily life. Since 2014 she is living in Miami, creating her jewelry line (Bellissima Facebook and Bellissima Jewelry homepage) and testing recipes for 12 Quail Farm.


Few videos from our YouTube channel