Information for Retailers

Each soap is placed into an Organza Bag and then into the gift box.

Handmade at our farm in the heart of the Leitrim countryside. Donkey milk has long been valued as a natural cleanser and moisturiser. We also use cosmetic clay for colour and exfoliation. Finally, we add essential oil scents.

We sell our soaps both online and in stores. If you are interested in stocking our soaps for sale, we provide beautiful, hand-crafted, in-store presentation boxes, each showcasing 8 of our soaps. We also supply you with gift-boxed, ready for sale versions of the soaps in the display box.

For pricing info or other queries, please contact us via our contact form or give us a call 089 4711 565

We make every presentation box ourselves, carefully handcrafting them from start to finish.