We are a family farm, based in Leitrim, in the heart of the Irish countryside. We started in 2013, with 12 Quail and a passion for natural products. We built a successful business supplying supermarkets, shops and restaurants across Ireland with both Quail Eggs and Quail Meat.

In 2018 we turned our interest in natural products into a line of handmade, donkey-milk soaps which we sell online and in shops across the world.

The Quail business was slowly fazed out back to 12 Quail which we keep as pets now.

Donkey milk has long been famed for its natural health benefits. In many countries people drink Donkey milk instead of cow’s milk as its actually closer in constituency to human breast milk and easier for our bodies to digest. Cows milk is more common because they produce a lot more than a donkey (up to 20 litres a day per cow versus 2 litre a day per donkey) so it makes more commercial sense to milk cows.

Donkey milk is a natural exfoliator and also a great moisturiser. Cleopatra, the Egyptian Queen was known to keep 700 donkeys which were milked so she could bathe in the milk. We combine donkey milk soap base with other ingredients such as cosmetic clays and activated charcoal which also act as exfoliants.

Donkey milk is a good natural moisturiser for sensitive skin. If you have specific queries about other ingredients please message us on Facebook and we can specially make a soap for you.

At the moment we order our Donkey Milk in from an Irish supplier. As business grows we will be very excited to breed our own donkeys on the farm. They produce milk for 6 months after they have a foal. A donkey can produce up to a litre of milk each day.

We mix the ingredients by hand and pour them individually into molds. You may find very slight colour and/or weight variations from the soap in the picture on our website but these are minor and are part of the charm of a handmade product.

Our soaps have a 12 month shelf life. When in use they last just as long if not longer than normal commercially produced soap.

A key ingredient of handmade soaps is glycerin, a product of fat or oil. In most mass produced soaps glycerin is taken out. We leave it in and for very good reason. It attracts moisture from the atmosphere. You may find that your donkey milk soap ‘sweats’ or has moisture on it. This is moisture the glycerin absorbs from the atmosphere. When you wash with the soap it leaves a thin layer of glycerin on your skin which moisturises but also attracts moisture from the atmosphere to keep your skin moisturised.

We have 3 payment options.
  1. Pay using your paypal account.
  2. If you don’t have paypal, you can still send funds via paypal using your debit/credit card.
  3. If something went wrong during checkout process on paypal then please contact us and we will send a money request from our paypal account to your email. As soon as the funds are transferred we will send out the soap order.

You may either message us on Facebook or send us an e-mail by filling in the contact form if you have any questions you didn’t find answers to.