Quail Egg Energy Broth

Composed and tested by: Tiina Laas


3 quail eggs
half of a broth cube or use 250 ml of your own made broth from
boiling vegetables or meat
250 ml boiled water if you don’t use your own made broth
nip of chives (5-6 leaves)
2-3 purple blossoms of chives or any other edible flower blossoms
3 branches of golden oregano 10-15 cm long
1 mild tasted garlic clove
1 young celery leaf with stem 10-15 cm long
1 young parsley leaf either curled or plain leaf also 10-15 cm long
nip of dill or fennel
nip of young dandelion leaves
nip of young nettle leaves
couple of young red cabbage leaves



Quail Egg Energy Broth has become one of my favourite  easily prepared dishes. The ingredients may vary according to every person’s access to various herbs or leaves used and taste. I just gather the ingredients while walking around in the garden.


This recipe makes 1 serving as an appetizer, a good starter for the day in the morning or an excellent diet meal. For larger number of servings adjust the quantities accordingly.

Fill a small saucepan with water, so that the eggs are fully covered and bring to the boil. Boil the eggs for 3 – 4 minutes. Meanwhile rinse the gathered herbs under tap water and chop into small pieces on the chopping board. When using nettles and dandelion leaves just gather them after rinsing into a nice nip and hold the nip for a second or two in the boiling water with the eggs to take away any bitterness and be able to chop the nettles. Clean the garlic clove and chop as well.

Fill water kettle with water and bring to boil. Place half of the broth cube into a 250 ml mug or a 250 ml small bowl and pour boiling water from the kettle into the mug or bowl and leave room for all the ingredients to fit in as well. Stir the content of the mug to dissolve the broth cube. Add all chopped herbs and leaves.

Rinse quail eggs under cold water. Roll them along the chopping board to brake the shell, take a sharp end of a small knife and start peeling from the top of the bigger end of the egg. Rinse off under tap water any small shell pieces, cut the eggs into halves, quarters or just chop according to your preference and add to the contents of the mug. Eggs can be added to the mug of broth as whole also.

Just decorate the mug or bowl with whole chive blooms (the whole round purple blossom can be eaten, they taste nice and crunchy) or any other edible colourful blooms like calendula petals, nasturtium, tagetes petals or borage and the Energy Broth is ready to serve.  Looks good, smells good, tastes good.

Note: Depending on personal preference the broth can be also served with a freshly baked sandwich or slice of bread and butter.


You can make your own variation according to your own preference of herbs or leaves available.

Serving Recommendation: This dish is best served hot – immediately after adding the eggs and garnishing.