Morning sounds in 12 Quail Farm


Every morning is exciting for my little feathered friends. The united choir of 100 quail roosters, which can be heard on the soundtrack above, greets the first morning light. With great enthusiasm they continue crowing like this for a couple of hours until it occurs to them to take a snack and relax briefly. After that they continue crowing with the same enthusiasm.

Quail hens on the other hand whistle gently and enjoy early morning snack right away in their new ComfortPLAST housing. Veterinarian and Zooteknist Dr. Muhterem Aydogan has designed this cage system taking into account the needs of both, the quails as well as their keeper. I am happy to do business with the manufacturer of these cage systems Cimuka Kulucka, a company in Turkey, because they provide fast high quality customer service, expert advice, practical products and excellent after-sales service. The first part of the company name ‘Cimuka’ comes from the first two letters of the owner’s name Cigdem Muhterem Kaan and the second part ‘Kulucka’ means hatchery in Turkish.

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